Wedding in Durango, Mexico

Hacienda Jacona gathers beauty and tradition in on place…

It was in the spring, blue skies, perfect weather and the ideal atmosphere to celebrate love, family and friends. I got there a day before, made it to the civil ceremony where this groovy vibe was a floating in the air and I knew that the day after, was going to be a good one.

The wedding day arrived and I got to Carolina´s house and I was mislead -due to the quietness- that everyone was still chilling and there were no nervousness. Ten minutes later a stampede of love and friends got there to cry, laugh, drink mimosas and create harmony all around, everything was falling into place. Hernan arrived rocking a classic suit yet so cool it helped him covered a bit his anxiety and nervousness, although I managed to capture when they did the first look.

Everything else was just flow. Hacienda Jacona was the perfect spot to let the mind and body allow being seduce by this magical place. Despite this wonderful site, the wedding planner, Mariano Barron -one of the bests if you ask me- manage to embellish even more the day and night yet to come. Precisely that´s what he did beautify a moment in life to is maximum and everyone just dive in into the love and joy… including myself.

These photos now putted together wrap an emotion, a memory, a memoir and tells something. I´m not sure if they tell a story, cause at the end everyone interpret their story through their experience, but my focus was to magnify everything that was happening around.

I hope it does justice and electrifies you like it does to me.

Thanks for taking the time to be in this journey with me.


Wedding Planner: Mariano Barron
Venue: Hacienda Jacona
Dress: Lovely Bride
Dj: Gino Rodriguez